• Sravanthi Vanga

5 Beauty Hacks Audrey Hepburn Followed

Defined Lashes 

1. Audrey used a small pin to separate each of her lashes after applying mascara to separate then so they wouldn’t look so clumpy. This is what gave her the trademark defined lashes. Although using  a pin to separate lashes might sound scary, a lash comb will do the trick. 


2. We all know that a simple, basic ponytail is the perfect cover up for those bad hair days. But Audrey Hepburn turned this simple hairstyle hack into a whole new level. She first parted her hair to the side then added a bit of glossing serum which gave her that classic old Hollywood look. 

Cupid's Bow

3. A natural exaggerated cupid's bow makes anyone's lips stand out,  but a dramatic Cupid's bow like Audrey's will surely add an extra dose of femininity to any look. Before applying lipstick, she used sharpened lip liner to outline her lips but then dip a little below her natural Cupid's bow to really exaggerate her lips even more. 

Big Hats 

4. Big hats were the style back in the old Hollywood days for a reason. They not only protected people’s delicate face from the sun, but they made anyone look like a movie star, and Audrey Hepburn definitely pulled this off by wearing a nice pastel colored hat to match her femine dresses. 


5. Look at any picture or watch any movie with Audrey Hepburn and you will never find her slouching. Sitting up straight makes us look and feel confident. No wonder we never saw Audrey loom dull depressed.