• Sravanthi Vanga

5 skincare items you don’t need

  1. Toner 

That's right, we don't need to tone our face after we wash it. It may seem tempting to buy one from Target if you have oily,  acne prone skin, but it's actually better to just skip this step. Toners have alcohol that can dry your face and over time and your face can become oilier from the lack of moisture in your skin. 

  1. Face Brush

This also includes those Clarisonic brushes. The brushes carry more bacteria than you think and no matter how soft they feel, your face will be over-exfoliated over time, especially if you use these everyday. If your skin has been feeling raw, it's time to dump it in the trash. 

  1. Makeup wipes

At the end of the day, nothing can beat the feeling of wiping our makeup with fresh makeup wipes. This is a good hack for us lazy girls. But makeup remover wipes have chemicals and a rough texture that can also over-exfoliate the skin, and they don't always remove every last bit of makeup.  It's actually much safer and more efficient  to remove makeup with an oil based makeup remover balm or even just some simple coconut oil, then wash your face afterwards. 

  1. Eye cream 

This might be surprising, but eye cream is usually no different than a moisturizer. Most eye creams have just about the same ingredients as moturizers. If you want to use cream under your eyes or eyelids, it's probably just more efficient to use your moisturizer instead of searching several different stores for the right eye cream. 

  1. Anything with fragrance

This includes face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen and just about anything you would put on your face. The sad part is, many of our favorite products have fragrance in them, but it's best to avoid it as much as possible especially if you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin. Fragrance may not cause any noticeable symptoms for most people, but it also doesn't add any benefit; None of necessarily smell like our favorite body wash or moisturizer especially if they have different scents. So its probably better to stick with something basic and simple.